Dogma VR is a Manifesto of practical rules for the creation of the Pure Cinematic Immersive Experience.

An ideologic evolution of Lars Von Trier/Thomas Vinterberg's Dogma 95, it is adapted for the filming of Virtual Reality narrative contents.

As Dogma 95, the VR Manifesto considers technical limits in the process of development, storytelling and production in order to keep the viewer in the suspension of disbelief of an artificial reality without sensitive interruptions. 

Dogma VR is able to build a solid wall of realism based on senses and perceptions.

The System is open to constant trasformations inside a inner circle of Immersive film-makers, 360 artists and self-explorers willing to follow the method, use it and contribute to the Dogma VR evolution into the definitive creative link between infinite multiverse.

The Dogma VR Manifesto travels for workshops worldwide. If you are willing of having Virtual Reality storytelling classes in your Media, Film or Art Institute feel free to connect to us.

Live at NEXT 2017 - Festival de Cannes